Rhaps and Rhymes: “Any Relief?”

Rhaps and Rhymes will be the posts where I showcase poetry written by me.  This one was inspired by the incident of Charles Kinsey, Arnaldo Eliud Rios Soto, and the police of North Miami.  What do you think?

Relief Photo with Poem

Image text unclear?  Here’s the text below! What do you think?




Once again…

A human…of dark complexion

Came in contact with the officious loaded barrel

Thankfully, the bullet only got the leg this time

And in the age of Sterling, Castile, and several Dallas police officers

That is a relief



Another human… with autistic identification

Sat in the presence of the same officious loaded barrel

Thankfully, the bullet got none of him this time

And in the age of Baton Rouge, Garner, and Powell

That has to be a relief



A human…of uniformed certification

Was the master of this infamous loaded barrel

Thankfully, two of three bullets disobeyed him

Though in the age of Brown, Gray and Rice

That isn’t enough for relief


Because what I witnessed there

Was a confession and an exchange

The rescued life with autistic identification

In exchange for a scar on the dark complexion

But if you’re of dark complexion with autistic description

This is scary beyond belief



Rhaps and Rhymes: “Any Relief?”